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This course will teach you how to analyze the chart from a karmic perspective. You will learn which are the most fated and past related indications.

After the course, you will be able to define which are the main karmic themes in the horoscopes and what's the karmic status of each planet - which are your karmic rewards and are there any karmic depts.

The Course Includes

  • Foundational karmic indications - specific karmic characteristics of signs, houses, planets, nodes, etc. (check the course curriculum below for more details)

  • Advanced karmic techniques - perinatal matrixes, solar chart and past life chart

  • Checklist for karmic analysis - allows you to evaluate each of your planets according to 26 criteria and calculate their positive and challenging karmic points

  • Examples - 3 complete karmic astrology analyzes - the birth charts of Marilyn Monroe, Angelina Jolie and Frida Kahlo


  • The course requires basic knowledge about signs, houses and aspects

Course Duration

  • 9+ Hours Recorded Videos

Course Curriculum

    1. The Principles of Karmic Astrology

    2. Structure of the Horoscope

    3. The 12 Zodiac Signs from a Personal Karmic Perspective

    4. The 13th Zodiac Sign

    5. The 12 Zodiac Signs from a Family Karmic Perspective

    6. The Karmic Houses

    7. The Aspects in Karmic Astrology

    8. Planets with no Aspects

    9. Planets at Critical Degrees

    10. Retrograde and Stationary Planets

    11. Combust and Kazimi Planets

    12. Lunar Nodes

    13. Aspects of the Lunar Nodes

    14. Lunar Phases

    15. Luminaries and Outer Planets

    16. Outer Planets in Angular Houses

    17. The Role of Lilith in Karmic Astrology

    18. Interceptions

    1. Perinatal Matrixes

    2. Solar Chart

    3. Past Life Chart

    1. Fillable and Printable Checklist

    1. Karmic Astrology Example 1

    2. Karmic Astrology Example 2

    3. Karmic Astrology Example 3

About this course

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  • 25 lessons
  • 9 hours of video content

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